Digital Press

For short run printing, we utilize the new DocuColor 1000 Color Digital Press , The revolutionary printing machines
from the house of Xerox Company is the latest and innovative. Prints are at 2400 dpi. There by, giving the prints extra
clarity and vividness.

For large volume monochrome printing we use Canon iR5075 and Toshiba eStudio 450.

Wide format Digital Prints

For wide format printing we make use latest machines that gives good quality prints. We use world standard inks which
delivers vivid and long lasting colors. We can print on a variety of media, which include Flex, Vinyl, Canvas, Paper,
Synthetic, Fabric, Translate, Wall Paper etc.

Variable Data Printing

With our new Digital Press, we now have the ability to switch out text, photos, illustrations, charts, graphs and even colors. Call us for more information about VD printing.

CTP & Film Output

Jerry’s colorzone operates the revolutionary Kodak
Trendsetter for CTP with a speed of 62 plates per hour.
We use Scantext Othello imagesetter for film output.
Processed through Halequins time-proven Rip Technology, files are processed, ripped efficiently and accurately rapped. Stochastic, euclidian, elliptical screens and line rulings up to 300 lpi available. Film sizes up to 50x 64cms available.